Engine Management Systems Seem To Be Some Sort Of Black Art But Not Anymore! Now You Can Be The Best At Tuning Engine Management Systems, From Anywhere In The World Right From The Comfort Of Your Home, Office or Shop and Get the Best Results and Efficiency For Your Vehicle While Having Fun Doing It!

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Andy Ott
Thank you fastuun! I can't say how perfect this is for me. I've been a member for about two months I think and am very impressed with what you guys have done. There is so much info on this and the best part for me is that with my busy work schedule this is easy for me to come home and listen to while relaxing. Thank you again.
Andy Ott

What will you learn with us!

In Module 1 of Fueling Part 1

  • You will discover the chemistry of fueling
  • How does the combustion happen?
  • What is a stoichiometric air fuel ratio?
  • I will talk about fuel delivery
  • What type of injectors will you need?
  • and more...

In Module 2 Part 2 of Fueling

  • I will show you how to size the fuel system
  • How you will determine the fuel pump size?
  • How to determine your injector size?
  • You will discover how to create a basic fuel map from scratch
  • I will discuss different types of fuels and what types of requirements you have for the specific fuel you will be using
  • And much more...

In Module 3 Importance Of Timing

  • I will discuss how to safely develop a timing curve
  • What is MBT?
  • I will talk about burn speeds
  • How to choose the correct spark plugs and how to gap them for certain driving situations?
  • I will also touch on engine killer.

In Module 4 Airflow Management

I will bring to light boost and the different aspects of

  • Superchargers
  • Turbochargers
  • Wastegates
  • Boost control
  • Cam timing - Altering intake and exhaust cams and how it effects the power curve
  • I will discuss nitrous
  • And VVT...

In Module 5 Dyno and Road Tuning

  • I am going to discuss what you can accomplish without breaking any laws
  • I will also be covering the different types of dynos
  • Finally how you prepare your car for dyno tuning and road tuning (The Importance of Both)

What To Expect From FASTuuN EFI Simplified...

  • Reveal FASTuuN's step-by-step strategies for tuning engine management systems
  • Watch over Shawn's shoulder and follow along as he does the tuning
  • Discover how to tune EFI right from the comfort of your Home, Office or Shop
  • Get full Lifetime Access to all the content
  • Start your engine management tuning Today!


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